Bungoma is a town in Western Province of Kenya, near the Kenya and Uganda border. Bungoma town was established as a trading centre in the early 20th century. The town is the headquarters of Kenya 's Bungoma District and it hosts a municipal council. The major economic activity is farming and business supported by the Kenya-Uganda railway which passes through the town. A majority of residents of Bungoma belong to the Bukusu who are known as 'Mulembe people' which means they are peaceful people. There are no Industries within the municipality of Bungoma however some of the Industrial centers are found near Bungoma are at Nzoia with the Nzoia Sugar Factory and at Webuye the Pan Paper mills.

Bungoma municipality has eight wards, four of them (Khalaba, Mjini, Sinoko and Stadium) are part of the Kanduyi Constituency and the remaining four (Namasanda, Musikoma, Sio and Siritanyi) are part of the Bumula Constituency.


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